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Safety Cans For Flammables Selection Index
Safety Cans For Flammables
Type I Safety Cans For Flammables

Easy-to-fill and easy to use and the economical choise for flammables
Unot Type II Red Dafety Cans

It is perfect for repetitive use applications to reduce worke strain and fatigue
UNO Type II Safety Cans For Flammables

For comfortable handling and safe smooth accurate pouring
UNO Type II Transportation Safety Cans For Flammables

Comfortable handling and safe, smooth, accurate pouring,!
Type II Red Safety Cans For Flammables

Offers additional convenience with two openings at the top!
Type II Safety
Cans For Flammables

The unique design uses the wieght of the liquid to counterbalance the pressure required to open the spout, during pouring
Type I Red Safety Cans For Flammables

Self closing, leak proof lid controls vapors and provides security from spills and leaks.
Nonmetallic Type I Safety Cans

Constructed of high density polyethylene which offers distinct advantage over steel models
Oval Nonmetallic Type I Safety Cans

Space-saving Type I oval polyethylene safety cans increase shelf storage by 30%!
Specialized Steel Laboratory Type I Safety Cans

Ideal for demanding enviroment of today's laboratories required compliat safety containers
Specialized Nonmetallic Laboratory Polyethylene Safety Cans

Offers reliable dispensing for even the most corrosive liquids
Translucent corrosive Containers for Laboratories

improve safety and ensure contaiment with practical & durable
Polyethylene Dispensing Bottles & Bottle Jacket

is constructed of polyethylene. Stainless steel ball valves ensure safety
Steel Drain Cans

Easily & safely collect used solvents from parts washing equipment.

Flammable Safety Cabinet
Justrite® OSHA Compliance Safety Yellow Cabinet
Protect workers, reduce fire risks, and improve production when storing hazardous liquids.

Double wall
18-ga. welded steel Door sill for leak or spill containment.
Justrite® Wall Mounted Flammable
Storage Cabinets

Ideal for storing small containers near work areas without taking up floor space.
Justrite® Slimline
Justrite Flammable Cabinets

Offers more storage in less floor space. Intended to stretch you storage capacity.
Justrite® High Density Yellow Insulated Justrite Cabinet
Double-wall cabinets with 2" of high-density insulation withstand the most stringent fire testing.
Justrite® Yellow Flammable Cabinet With Safety Cans
Flammable cabinet and can value package..
Justrite® Undercounter Flammable Cabinets
Allow for quick access at workstations by taking advantage of space under counters
Point-Of-Use Flammable Cabinet

For storing smaller quantities of flammable liquids at workstations or adding existing storage
Justrite® Stackable Flammable Storage Cabinet
Provide additional safe storage for flammables without taking up valuable
floor space
30 & 55 Gal. Drum Flammable Cabinet Storage
Self closing mechanishm shuts and latches automatically to prevent flames from reaching content
Justrite® High Security Safety Cabinets
Safely store and protect costly fuels and solvents from tampering and theft.
Justrite® Yellow Double-Duty Safety Cabinet
This innovative design combines vertical drum and safety container storage into one partitioned safety cabinet.
Justrite® Yellow Vertical Drum Flammable Cabinet
Safe storage for flammable filled drums.
Gravity Flow Dispensing Drum Cabinet

Horizontal drum storage cabinets are designed for allowing gravity flowing dispensing
Justrite® Wall Secured Flammable Yellow Cabinets
Offer an extra measure of safety in environments where increased stability is needed.
Aerosol Can Benchtop Yellow Safety Cabinet

Fits virtually anywhere for hassle-free organization of aerosol cans
Outdoor Drum Storage Cabinet

Safely store hazardous materials, waste & chemicals from rain, wind, and outdoor elements
Justrite® Safety Chest For Flammables
For jobsite safety and security.
Justrite® Jobsite
Storage Chest

High security compartments help protect against theft of valuables such as 2-way raidos, specialty tools ect..

Fire Resistant & Fireproof Storage Cabinets
Heavy Weight Security Storage Cabinets

Handle the toughest industrial storage requirements while still stylish enough for the office
Justrite® Ultimate Security Cabinet for Valuables
Premium cabinet will guard your valuables and sensitive materials

Rated Class 350 for fire protection
Fire And Burglary
Rated Safes

Include programmable electronic lock. Choose from 1-hour or 2-hour models.
Fire Resistant Welded Storage Cabinets
18 Gague all welded steel contrcution with 1½" air space. 3 pt. locking system
Fire Resistant

Cabinet protects valuable tapes, documents, and supplies from fire and theft.
Full Width
Lateral File

Get up to 70%
more capacity
in 1/3 the
space. 1-hour
protection in
2, 3, & 4 drawer
insulated files
Full Depth
31"D File

1 or 2 Hour fire protection with choice of locks and nine colors to choose from
25 "D File

1-Hour fire protection
with your
choice of
and four colors to choose from.

Pesticides Storage Cabinets
Vertical Drum Pesticide Green
Storage Cabinet

Storage cabinet is desined to safely store drums of pesticides to contain incidental leaks and pevent fire
Justrite® Safety Pesticide Green Storage Cabinet
Safe, secure storage of pesticides herbicides, fertilizer, flammables and other chemincals
Pesticides Green Storage Cabinet

A great size for fitting almost anywhere and rpovides protection even where space is a premium
Justrite® Undercounter Pesticides Green Storage Cabinet
Allows increased access to often used pesticides, without compromising safety!

Flammable Paint & Ink Storage Cabinet
Paint Storage

Double wall
18-ga. welded steel construction.
OSHA approved.
Self-Closing Door Flammable Paint & Ink Cabinets
18 ga. Construction with 1½" insulation air space
Paint & Ink Combustible Storage Cabinet

Separate & identify class III combustible in high performance paint & ink
Justrite® Paint & Ink Drum Storage Cabinett
Safe storage for flammable filled drums. Heavy duty cabinets are available in a variety of styles and sizes

Laboratory, Chemical Acid & Corrosive Storage Cabinet
Blue Corrosive Wall Security Cabinet

Offers an extra measure fo safety in environments where increased stability is needed
Specialized Nonmetallic Corrosive Cabinets

Durable and highly chmical-resistant!
Undercounter Blue Corrosive Storage Cabinet

Keep solvents close-at-hand by taking advantage of undercounter space!
Justrite® Underounter Polyethylene

Safely Store 30 one liter bolles or a variety of containers
Justrite® Blue Countertop

Allows increased access to often-used liquids, without compromising safety.
Double Door
Self Closing Flammable Chemical Cabinet

Interiror doors have flush mounted handle with 3 point locking system
Stackable Blue Corrosive Cabinets

Easily stacks freeing up valuable floor space
Justrite® Single Door Corrive Wall Mounting
Allows increased access to often-used liquids,
Justrite® Double Door Corrosive Wall Mounting
Allows increased access to often-used liquids,
Justrite® Corrosive Steel Blue Cabinet
Cabinets include shelf liners Locking handle with 3-point latch
Justrite® Laboratory Blue Corrosive Safety Storage Cabinet
Keep damage from corrosive liquids in-check with specially designed cabinet
Point-Of-Use Corrosive Cabinets

specially sized cabinets for corrosives
Paint And
Acid Cabinet

Cabinets include shelf liners Locking handle with 3-point latch
Justrite® Slimline Corrosive Blue Cabinets
Offers more storage in less floor space!
Justrite® ChemCor Lined Undercounter Cabinet for Acids
Unique flame coated liner offers superior corrosion protection
ChemCor Lined Slimline Acid Storage Cabinet

100% seamless liner on all interior walls, ceiling, sump, inside doors and shelves
ChemCor Lined Stackable Blue Cabinet

Expand storage for harh chemicals with stackable cabinets
Line Blue Point-of-Use Acid Cabinet

Seam free surface eliminates the need for rivets or fasterns
Justrite® ChemCor Lined Corrosive Safety Chest
Ideal for storage of corrosive features an interior surface fully protected
Justrite® Centura Laboratory Cabinets
Ideal for under fume hood applications
Justrite® Centura Laboratory Cabinets
Unique sizes fit under fume hoods and laboratory counters
Justrite® ChemCor Lined Centura Lab Cabinet
Unique, flame coated thermoplastic liner offers superior corrosion protection
Justrite® ChemCor Lined Lab Cabinets
Protects from fire, harsh acids and corrosive chemuicals
Stainless Steel Flammable Chemical Cabinet

Provides protection against corrion from chemicals & environmental factors
Combo Storage White Safety Cainbet

Dual Storage safety cabinets offer storage of both flammable and corrosive liquids
Wall Mounting Combo White Storage Cabinet

store flammables and corrosive liquids safely while not taking up valuable floor space!

Hazardous Waste Storage Cabinet
Justrite® Hazardous Waste Drum Storage Cabinet
Safe Storage for flammable filled drums.
Justrite® White Flammable Waste Storage Cabinet
Store waste material separately! Great solution for temporary collection of waste
Justrite® White Drum For Flammable Waste Storage Cabinet
Store waste material separately. The ideal solution for temporary colletion of waste liquids

Gas And Propane Cylinder Storage Cabinets
All Welded Safety Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets
Safety protect your gas cylinders from any tampering or possible theft
Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinetst

Non-rusting, durable and secure storage for LPG and compressed gas

Safety Drum Basins & Containment Pallets
Mobile Spill Basin

Deep well mobile dispensing in it protects against incidental spills and leaks
Single Drum Spill Containment Unit

Designed as a high density unit for 55 gal. drums with 65 gall. cap.
4-Drum Poly Rotary Top Storage Pallet

Space saving roll-back rotation top style cover allows easy forklift or handtruck access.
Plastic Lever-Lock Lab Pack Spill Containment Drum

Spill drums are safe storage, handling and trasportation of hazardous materials!
Metal Lever-Lock Lab Pack Spill Containment Drum

Keep bio-waste disposal safe with the Metal level lock containment drum!
Crew On-Lid Lab Pack Spill Containment Drum

Idea for use with smaller non-damafed bottles, cans, caryboys and 5 gal. pails of non-leak hazardous material
Spill Containment Salvage Drum

Ideal for Storage trasportation, clean up and spill containment of containers
Over Pack Spill Containment Drums with Screw Top Lid

Great for storage, trasportation, clean up, bio-waste disposal and incineration & spills
Modular Spill Containment Platform Systems

Can be designed to fit in almost any area. Use in-line, around posts or machines!
4-Drum In
Line Spill Containment Platforms

Greates access to each drums contents, while still providing secondary containment
Mobile Spill
contrel Platform

The safety of a spill containment platform with the convenience of mobility.
Value Line
Spill Basin

Los cost containment units can capture spills during dispensing, filling and storage
2-Drum Poly Workstation

Safely Store and secure up to two 55-gal. drums
Spill Containment Caddy

The single solution forsdrum handling safety, mobile ispensing and built in spill containment
Forklift Higher Capacity Spill containment Pallets

Designed to allow for relocation with the use of forklift
Forkliftable Low Profile Spill Containment Pallets

Provides containment of hazardous materials leaks needed to prevent environmental containment
Secondary Spill Containment Platforms

Provide access to each drums content, while still providing secondary containment of hazardous materials
4-Drum Poly Storage Building

Safely store up to four 55-gal. drums on standard 48" pallets.

Smoker Butt Receptacles
Justrite Cease-Fire Smoking Receptacles
Innovative self-extinguish technology. Available in 7 colors.
Cigarette Disposal Outdoor Butt Ashtrays
Self-extinguish technolofy. Over 14,000 butt capacity
Justrite ADA-Compliant Personal Smoking Receptacle
Available with or without tabletop.
Justrite Heavy Duty Steel Butt Cans
Rugged steel butt cans in red rust resistant finish
Premium Steel Head Cease-Fire Waste Receptacles

Enjoy Cease-Fire safety features with a new sophisticated look. Provide around the clock protection
Ash & Butt Cease Fire Receptacle

Offer a safe & attractive means of collecting cigarette butts for disposal!

Classic Receptacles
Fire Resistant Steel Security Receptacles
Fire resistant heavy-gauge steel construction
Swing Top Receptacles
Swing top lid-snug fittting. Designed to extinguish flames in less than a minute
Push Top Lid Receptacles
Self closing doors hide unsight Fire-
safe steel construction
Reflection Dome Top Receptacles
Classic torpedo design with dome top for reception areas, lobbies, breakrooms, etc..
Dome Top Receptacle
Fire-safe which will not burn, melt or emit toxic fumes.
Round Wastebaskets
Puncture resistant solid ribbed steel construction. Will not burn, melt or emit toxic fumes
White Hazardous Waste Cans

Safe, temporary collection of hazardous waste. Sturdy Steel Cans is leakproof
Tall Round Recycling Receptacles
Puncture resistant will not burn, melt or emit toxic fumes

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